he X-Frame Banner or Spider Banner

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Why So Many Customers Choose the X-Banner

Cost-Effective and Quality X-Banner Printing

The X-Banner is one of the most economical and versatile display stands best suited for indoor advertising but can also be used for outdoor promotions. The design is on one side only due to the frame being at the back of the printed side. X-Banners are made from a long-lasting aluminum compound where the legs of the x-frame signs extend from a center tripod. The x-Banner also connects to hooks in the corners of the unit for instant promotion making the print interchangeable.

An X-Banner from Same Day Print also makes a super alternative choice for the bulkier, and sometimes more expensive, trade show banners.

The X-Frame Banner or Spider Banner

An X-frame banner is also known as a spider banner printed on high-quality non-curl PVC with no loose parts making it a breeze to set up. The cost-effectiveness, print quality, and ease of use make these x-banners ideal for a number of striking signage and displays.

Indoor promotions include display stands for malls, expos, and restaurants showcasing daily specials among many others. Outdoor use extends to food stalls, car shows, brand promotion events where valuable information is displayed to passers-by or customers waiting in line. From trade show printing, shopfront displays, music festivals to an x-banner wedding design, you can have it all. You can supply your own artwork or a member of our experienced design team will be happy to assist.

Why So Many Customers Choose the X-Banner

Besides the versatility we already mentioned, there are a few more advantages to keep in mind when choosing a spider banner stand:

  • PVC or Polytwirl fabric can be used which provides superior quality and ensures durability
  • The x-shape at the back ensures stability and prevents it from easily falling over or getting bumped
  • Easy to set up and store which means they will be kept in good condition for long-term use
  • Lightweight and easy to transport means it’s so much more convenient and reliable
  • The X-frame print is interchangeable
  • The X-banner price makes it the ideal marketing tool for nationwide promotions

X-Banner size

The x-banner or spider banner size is standard and available in the following dimensions:

  • Standard X-banner size – 1600mm x 600mm
  • Large X-frame banner – 1,8m x 800mm
  • Mini Desktop X-frame – A4

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