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The many uses of floor graphic

Floor Decals from Same Day Print

Floor decals are a modern marvel. With the cutting-edge technology available today, printing teams like Same Day Print can create a wide array of bespoke decals to suit just about any space. These strong graphic elements can be tailored to be used in advertising campaigns, act as a learning aid, support existing directional signage, and more.

The many uses of floor graphics

  • Interactive advertising. Floor advertising is a very useful addition to the modern-day marketing arsenal. Using decals in a retail space turns the floor into yet another branded surface that can be used to direct shoppers to certain parts of the store, or to draw their attention to special offers, etc. The novelty of this kind of marketing placement has the potential to yield an exceptional return on investment.
  • Important notices. Printed floor graphics are very useful when it comes to drawing attention to important notices, e.g. letting people know to watch their step when they enter a premises, or that they are not allowed to bring certain items into space (e.g. a courtroom or school).
  • Floor directional signageCustom removable floor decals are the perfect option for spaces like hospitals where visitors may need to be directed to certain units or wings without being accompanied by a member of the workforce. In cases like these, a pink line could lead to maternity, while a blue line leads to surgery, for instance.
  • 2D Playgrounds. Custom floor decals can also be used to create fun spaces for children to play in restaurants, public areas, or even at home in a playroom.
  • Learning spaces. Graphic vinyl flooring offers schools and early learning centers the option of extending the classroom to the floor. Think numbers, letters, balancing games, and more!
  • Modern art for your floors. Permanent floor decals can also be used as an interior design element to striking effect. Not to mention event floor graphics that can be tailored to suit each occasion (e.g. weddings, anniversaries, year-end functions, etc.).

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